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05-19-2012, 10:03 AM
I should preface by saying my GA is not a daily driver so a month or two may go by between drives...

Anyway, I decided to take the GA out for a drive and realized the a/c isn't working...you press the a/c button on the 3 knob HVAC panel and it lights up but nothing happens. Air blows and heat works of course but the a/c setting doesn't actually cool the air. When sitting still and pressing the button, you don't get that compressor "kick on" like you would typically expect. I have read that the compressor may not even kick on if the system is discharged low enough.

So what do you guys think. Might the system just need re-charging? The reason I ask is because I have owned 10 or so cars over the years and an a/c charge or recharge is something that I have NEVER needed. If it does need recharging, does that mean that there is necessarily a leak? Don't know anything about Grand Am a/c or a/c systems in general other than the basics of how air is cooled.



05-19-2012, 10:14 AM
my 99 GAs AC didnt work last summer either, i bought a can of Redtek stop leak and 2 cans of refrigerant thatn cost me roughly $70.... AC blows ice cold today still :) its a hit or miss if it will work but IMO worth the $70 risk, just dont overfill it


05-20-2012, 05:53 AM
i never knew that the system had a sensor that would disable the compressor from turning on if the pressure was too low. has anyone else heard of this? my GA has a slow leak. the pressure gets pretty low every year, but the compressor still operates.

you could try the test port. just press the rubber plug in a bit and see if there is any pressure. if there is some pressure, then i'd be afraid that your compressor is shot, or the wiring going to it.

without the compressor running, there's no good way to check the systems pressure to see where it's at.