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06-20-2012, 08:45 PM
Evening Gentlemen,

Well, I have 03' Grand Am, onwend since 09" with 44,500 miles out the door, Now with approx 100,1100 miles, BABIED,maintence followed to the "T"all the way to flushing the brake system to tranny fluid.
I have Two things going on that I am putting in One Thread Looking for Advice,Help

ONE: I drive 3 to 5 thousand miles a month,I somehow managed to hit, and broke the plastic piece to the Crusie Control Multi Function switch, when I partially assembly it, the CC doesn't work. I am assuming I need the Multi Funtion Switch.I Stop at my friends Stealership and he said $200 out the door. but $80 for the part

I am a DIY'er, He printed off small schematic and said I am able to do it just be careful with the ClockSpring and plugs.
Is the $200 worth it, or ez worth attempting to DIY ?
Is there a "How To" somewhere. I was unable to find one
Two: about six weeks ago or so I had my 4 alignment done @ 95,000 miles, About two weeks ago, I noticed my passenger side axle clicking only when going to and from gear. There is no tear in the Boot. Any way to further Diagnosis the multi possibilitys. Thanks In Advance