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06-30-2012, 11:59 AM
Okay I noticed that when switching my heat or Ac or air, which all do work onto different position settings that It appears it does not work properly. I think it is not close off the floor position. The Actuators and modules etc etc all work I can see that from under the dash. and the dash knob is perfect.

But under the dash up under neath about six inches or so up nearly behind the center top section of the console or to the left of the fan speed gauge area in behind , I see the that actuator which pushes in and out a flat silver metal bar , that has a hole on the end of it, is no longer connected to or placed over top of a male plastic post. The narrow post has broken off.

When photo and look and this post area it seems to be almost a white triangle piece of plastic with this narrow post up top and a wider post nearer the bottom of the traingle plastic piece and it has a spring coiled around it. Now it is sitting or attached in some way to the large blk plastic air ducting box system.

But it is white the piece that is damged , SO I am hoping that this white piece is removeable. And easy to remove hopefully. Reason So I can take it off and the COMPLETE large part I ordered from GM and it will still be a GM made part will have the same white part that I can remove also and use it to replace my broke white part.

Mind you not much room up underneath to work with. I notice too that the end of the larger wider male post is open at the end. I hope that means / indicate that it is a easy remove and replace. Wound if the spring is what holds that white part onto the knob / molded in post of the actual flap gate or door flap or as GM calls it MODE VALVE # 52481609 part number.

You can see in real photos that the spring chris crosses the one part and seems to hols it up again a FLAT plastic blk post of the blk house. So is the spring just pinning it again the housings door flap post.
My first GM diagram shown looks like to me that this black colour MODE VALVE is the correct part I need and has a another white piece to use for my fix. Notice the shape in the photo to the left end of the bottom flap door and shows the ends of 2 crossed ends of a spring.

Won't know 100% foresure til the Valve arrives and if the smaller part it comes seems to come with will be a removeable piece for me to use. Other wise the $16.66 dollar part cost 8 to 10 hours work / around $1000 bucks.
And another complete removal of my dash. been out bare to the fire wall once serveral years back for many new AC components to be installed. Wound if they broke it then, and becuase I rarely drive it i did not pickup on it, HUMMMMM !!!!!

HEY APPRECIATE ANY SERIOUS HELP is this wierd problem.

06-30-2012, 09:08 PM
One other thing I would check is that the vac. line is still connected to the engine.

06-30-2012, 09:21 PM
do you have a junkyard close?

for nothing else but to look up there and see how it's set up, and that should (should anyway) give you an idea of if something has a missing piece up there.

not a ton of help, but maybe that would give you an idea of the setup

06-30-2012, 11:21 PM
Always lots of help guys Thanks. Ya that actuator works I see it pushing out and drawing back the bar , so vaccum must be okay. And I can definitely tell the smaller narrower male white post is broken off . And I found the end of it caught up in wires just down from the piece that is broken. I THINK the larger part I ordered will be the right part, to get the piece /smaller part off of.

And HOPE the smaller part/piece on that larger part is a removable part for me to use to replace mine. It was only $17 so Figure possibly less hassle then a junkyard. But not ruled that out if need be.

This type of smaller white part might that type of plastic piece that get brittle after time. Also I have to make sure the actuator did not get bent in someway by GM during last dash removal. Or esle I will be replacing it again soon. Gm shop forum told me that, leaving out that they might have done something to it. LOL.

The narrower white post that broke off from the smaller white plastic part is shaper cone shape and looks like the end of those blk push pin type fasters. like the type that hold the fender liners on or ram air cover on under the hood. And it does feel hard and it is broken in 2 places. Looks like it was remove once and side of the post ( which one on each side that move in and out when pushed into a hole ) broke thus weakening the center part of the post.

Can bet but too late now that dash install guy did it but becuase it still had the center strenght and hold still it was okay. I noticed under the dash they reused plastic push pins/fastners. Cheap buggers or maybe they would have charged me crazy price for new fastners. Woops that last work was done under warranty, thus they saved them selves money. LOL

07-01-2012, 10:30 AM
the push pin is what caught my eye and made me think to look at another one. i highly doubt that is how it came factory. maybe the original was broke and that was the easiest fix, which is possible, and may not have been any problem. i never tore down my dash in that GA, had done a couple older ones in s10s and jimmys, and they didn't have any of the body push pins used in the door actuators

07-01-2012, 11:14 AM
Well it is shaped and works like a end of a push pin. But it is part of a larger white plastic almosty traingle shape bracket. the white part you see in photos. The others like it that are part of each actuator are very much the same design. But you think they would make them out of metal just like the bracket arm that moves in and out on the back of the actuators.

07-10-2012, 05:28 PM
Well turns out that piece I need and hoped was on this larger door gate peice I order from GM was going to actually a separate piece . Well it's not . It comes as a complete piece and seen in diagram. That sucks.

If I say if I could have or easily create enough room under the dash , I MIGHT say MIGHT be able to attache the bracket and the end of the actuator to this broken white piece. But I would have to either get a hole drill / made into the end of the white piece where the male peg broke off and MAYBE have enough room to put a small screw and flatest nut possible. Or again if enough room to get at and apply enough pressure to put a self tapping screw in place to hold atcuator bracket to the white broken arm.

Alot of if's there ,I will pick a time someday this or next year to relook at things and see if any or something esle is possible.

Mean while do you guys know of a drill or heck even MAYBE a rivet gun small enough or something that works in tight areas to create holes. Mind you rivets do tend to hold things tight and this needs to pivet a bit. I now know foresure that this white plastic piece is a hard plastic with no bend abilities. I can't think of any type of clamp idea or fastners.

And is it really nessessary to remove the whole dash. If not how much and what parts of it need to be removed ??? ANY INVENTIVE IDEAS GUYS ????

07-10-2012, 05:48 PM
New part with piece mold in that I need and hoped to be able to remove.

07-16-2012, 09:52 AM
Well If we all don't think it is possible to get SOME TYPE of tool up under the dash to form a hole where the plastic white point male pleg was and broke off from, what about a clamp idea.

Now if would have to be a tiny clamp , with the small things that are made and worked with now days or with the small tools used in crafts and hobbies. Maybe such a small clamp exist and will work. But what and where.

Either a clamp that is ( C ) in shape or becuase as pointed out by my finger in two photos, there may not be enough room between the large white plastic section of the door flap/gate and the actual house it protudes threw , then maybe a ( [ ) clamp.

Now I guess it could have a flat type end of a screw or even a sharp pointed end so as to hold tight againest the white part where male pleg was. The end that you hold to tighten i guess would not matter. Has I try to demonstrate in next few photos, I believe the hole in the flat metal bar ( part of the actuator ) is a littel e- longated not just round ??? have to recheck that. I know that the flat bar has to pivet / move around a bit on the small white male peg.

So I as I put a clamp screw of spome type threw the hole of the metal bracket and grips/ clamp the large white plastic piece it to must be able to pivet. Think a sharp point screw would would best, as a flat end of a screw threw the clamp may slide off the large white plastic piece even when tightened up to the max.

07-16-2012, 09:53 AM