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08-14-2012, 10:52 AM
I am having issues with my car surging/chugging while eccelerating.It only does it while giving it gas to get up to speed or to get into the passing gear.The RPM's jumps around while doing this.There are no lights on besides the ABS light and that's because my wheel bearing on my drivers side need replaced!We have replaced the fuel filter.I have taken it to 2 local Machanics and 1 is telling me it's my transmission (witch it doesn't slip and it drives perfectly fine while in town) and the other says its my fuel pump,but I didn't know that fuel pumps gave signs of being bad.My experience was they just went out when bad.All the things I have replaced on my car in the year I have had it is...the rack and pinion,power steering pum and hoses,outer tire rid end on drivers side,cv axel on passenger side,wheel bearing on passenger side,spark plugs and wires,and fuel filter.2 of the spark plugs were curoded and one plug wire seemed to be glued to the plug.Please some one help me cause it stressing me out :-) Thank you in advance!!!;crap

08-14-2012, 01:16 PM
i couldnt tell you...... my car did the same thing, and it would only do it when it felt like it really.. im getting a new transmission, which hopefully will solve my problem. cause i asked and never got an answer other then it could be the torque converter.

08-14-2012, 03:25 PM
Could be any number of things. Could be related to the ABS even, if the system can't get a good wheel speed signal it might turn the traction control on and cut timing. Does the traction light ever coming on when this happens?

Could be a clogged catalytic converter. I doubt it's the fuel pump. They usually don't just get weak, they normally just die all together. If fuel flow drops, it's usually from a clogged fuel filter. Only way to tell for sure though is to put a pressure gauge on it, and possibly to check the pressure with a load on the engine (which is tough to do).

Also could be a problem with the MAF sensor or crank sensor. I'd get the computer checked for codes. Just because the SES light isn't on doesn't mean there might not be an active or history code stored.

young gun
08-14-2012, 03:43 PM
Cheap and quick thing to check/replace is the ICM(Igntion Control Module). It sits under the coil packs and is held on by the six coil pack screws and then 2 more and a plug.

It is rare to happen but when it does it will get worse as it get hot. So you could start your car cold and it run fine then 10 mins later it could start having trouble again.

I had this problem and went to multiple shops who were at a loss for words as to what it could be.