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08-14-2012, 04:05 PM
2000 GT 3.4L 159K

I discovered a slow coolant trickle leaking from timing cover just below head gasket. I decided against ripping apart half the engine to remove the cover and replace the gasket. I instead opted to put a bead of rtv on the outside and add aluma seal stop leak to the coolant. I started car and ran fine. I drove around the block and car just died suddenly. It started back up after a minute and made it a few blocks home ok. I tried to bleed the system by running with overflow tank cap off, but if I run long enough, coolant backs up and spills out open top or through overflow tube. Is it possible there are still large air pockets trapped and caused the car to overheat or knock and cause pcm to shut down car? My other question is about the bleeder screw above the water pump casting (top of black bypass pipe). I have a haynes but the manual is awful, especially on this subject. It states to attach a hose and open bleeder screw to get air bubbles out. But the only hole in the screw is about the size of a pen in the heck do you get a hose in/over it? Also, I've seen a how-to on another forum to purchase a brass fitting (open on the top) and attach hose that way. But wouldnt air get sucked in when swapping the original closed fitting back onto the bypass pipe? Thanks

08-14-2012, 07:52 PM
Just opening the bleeder will do the trick. Leave it open with the car running and at operating temp until a steady stream of coolant comes out.

You're probably going to regret putting that stuff in your coolant.