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2000 GT
08-25-2012, 03:55 PM
Several things. Today when i tried to start my car there was a loss of power. It was getting power but then everything shut off when i tried to start it.

To start off i use a portable air compressor through the cigarette lighter, didn't have any issues in getting air in my tires and when i went to go start my car everything cut out. So i ran a multimeter test & the battery has a 12.7v charge on it, i disconnected and reconnected the battery terminals & everything powered right up. When i did start my car did have trouble turning on (which could just be the intake valves). Went to Autozone to have my battery, alternator & starter checked out, everything passed with flying colors. My question is what could cause this? I was reading through a thread on here: Car receiving NO electricity whatsoever (http://www.grandamgt.com/forum/showthread.php?t=85030&highlight=electrical+power) and so far i'm guessing i may need to replace a few things maybe? My electrical system has had so many issues, i even had to replace my BCM.

Which brings me to my next problem is, the locks used to be able to lock when putting my car in drive and unlock when i turn off the engine. Unfortunately when installing the new BCM it stopped working. When i had it in the dealer (which are incompetent), the BCM had failed so they replaced it but then i couldn't use either of my remotes, tried reprogramming the remotes but had to take the car back in to see what had happened. They fixed that but later on down the road i also happened to notice that my power locks were not working with the unlocking/locking features. So how can i restore this? I never bothered to take it back then because i didn't think it was worth the trip but i was wondering if there's anything i could do to fix it.

And lastly, my A/C sounds like it's either loose or there's something not right with it. It sounds clunky sometimes when it's running. It might just be loose which later on i'll check it but if it eventually needs replacing where can i get a new one for cheap? I do have the GM-GA repair manual so i know about the coolant being under pressure, safety issues and all. The A/C does currently work so i won't need to replace it now but for future reference in case it will die out. Thanks in advance! :)