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10-02-2012, 10:58 AM
ok guys i am a bit bored, a bit slow here at the shop. its winter time so i am sure ill be off and on projects, i have a few little fab projects going on outside stuff i have on the board to build for the MMS guys. How ever there is one little pet project i have been wanting to just prototype to say its been done... How ever i need some measurements from GAGT suspension parts. possibly old discarded parts to use as mock ups.

what i need

measurements of the struts. I need to know the over all length and diameter of the strut bodies. with out the strut rod. front and rear. I need to know the over all length of the fully extended strut from the bottom of the body to the tip of the strut rod where the top mounts. I also need the fully compressed length.

i could really also use a set of blown struts front and a rear. as well as the top strut mounts for both front and rear.

I want to take these measurements and then possibly do some CAD drawings to see if i can make a set of real coilovers. a set that is height adjusting with out interfering in the stroke travel of the shock itself. identical to the types we run on our cars here at the shop for our drift cars. These may never sell, they may never get fully built, just something i want to see what ifs. oh and if there are any well todo owners really looking to make this happen your financial backing of the prototype would really make this possible lol. you would get the first set at cost of materials!

2000 GT Coupe
10-02-2012, 01:11 PM
awesome project, I hope it works out, while I would love to help you I have gr2 struts and canuck lowering springs no way to measure while they are on the car.