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10-03-2012, 08:08 AM
ok huys and girls

i recently changed my lim gaskets about a month ago everything went great car was and is still running very well my problem is that i noticed that im leaking coolant near the bottom of lower intake where you have to put the rtv i take it it never sealed correctly

yes all the bolts were torqued i triple checked everything , looks like i have to go back in and redo everything again

not mixing anything just low coolant all the time and over heating

my question can i reuse the lim gaskets again or not ? its the new metal kit

and recommendations on the intake where you use rtv and better ideals ?


2000 GT Coupe
10-03-2012, 09:19 AM
That Short of time I would but I don't know if that's recommended
I actually have used it once in a short timeframe like that and it never leaked for three years

10-03-2012, 08:12 PM
It's possible you could have warped heads or a warped intake manifold. Has the engine ever severely overheated?

It's also possible they weren't installed correctly. Did you use red loctite on the LIM bolts? Did you torque them down in the correct order and to the correct specs? You are supposed to torque the four vertical bolts first then the four angled bolts to an initial torque spec and in a specific order. You usually have to go around in order 2-3 times as well before they are all fully torqued because when you tighten some later bolts the ones you did first will loosen up. You have to go around until they all click on the torque wrench without turning any further. Then you are supposed to torque the angle bolts again to a higher torque setting.

For the RTV, all you have to do is make sure the block and manifold surfaces are clean. Put the gaskets down and make sure you get the RTV down into the corner good, and that the bead is thick enough, and that's it.

If you only run the engine a couple times with new gaskets and have to tear it apart, you can usually re-use them if they are the good ones. But after a month or more of heat cycling, I wouldn't use them if it was me. The rubber stops being flexible at that point, and you are just asking to have another failure. Either another coolant leak, or a vacuum leak at the runners.