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10-14-2012, 08:17 PM
Ok so I've done some searching on here and I haven't seem to come across anything similar to my problem. Problem:

My a/c has been completely random lately, as in, it will turn on at random times, but most of the time it wont turn on at all. All of the speeds don't work, but ill leave the knob on one number and after about a 20 minute drive it may come on randomly. Any suggestions on what it may be? All of the numbers seem to function properly when it comes on. (Not for sure though)

10-14-2012, 08:19 PM
Just the A/C? Or the air itself? I would get a new blow motor resistor anyway. Usually when the fan speeds work/some work its 99% the blower motor resistor.

Yours might be going out and coming back or shorting out or some sht.

$18 O'Reilly's. Mine was the $18 but came out to $22 with a lifetime warranty added.

10-14-2012, 08:28 PM
It's the air all together. The A/C and heat work when it comes on, sorry I didnt make that very clear. Hopefully its the resistor. I planned on replacing that first but I dont have the tools with me to do it currently since I'm at college and the space to do it is limited. (parked in a crowded parking lot). I really dont feel like replacing the whole blower motor.

10-14-2012, 09:10 PM
I can't remember what tools I used to take it out, I remember it was just a lot of patience, a ratchet with a socket I can't recall atm(it was small I know that), and small fingers so I could unscrew the loose screw and then screw it back in to get it started.

Best bet is to get a blow motor resistor and install it when you get a chance. No harm in it since its apparently a common problem in GAs and would of happened to you anyway. Plus can't go wrong with a lifetime warranty.

10-14-2012, 09:36 PM
Yeah, I've taken the glove box out before when I did the DRL disable, its pretty simple. I guess I will try this first and if it doesnt work Ill switch out the blower motor. Its cheaper this way, hopefully it works.

10-14-2012, 10:19 PM
its a 7/32's bolt head. very small, very up against the fire wall. i took my passengers seat out so i could lay down. that made it a lot more comfortable, making me a lot more patient

10-16-2012, 09:00 AM
Well I changed the blower motor resistor yesterday. That damn back screw is a PITA, and I believe the guy before me screwed with it and stripped the inner part of the plastic so he redrilled a new screw in it and when I pulled it out it effed everything up. So as of now the resistor is just laying right below the slot. :banghead:banghead

Unfortunately it didnt solve the problem. When I pulled the bottom cover of the dash off water splashed EVERYWHERE. The cover was only wet where the blower motor was against it. Is that a sign that the motor is shot? This could be a stupid question but I'm completely clueless on this topic.

My biggest fear was the water SO close to the BCM. That scares me a lot. Guess I'm in need of a new motor then, huh guys?

10-16-2012, 09:51 AM
You either have a plugged condensation tube, or a bad seal at the water deflector in the cowl if you have moisture there.



10-16-2012, 09:53 AM
I believe its a bad seal in the window cowl, because my passenger floor is always wet after it rains and after car washes.

10-16-2012, 10:03 AM
See edited post above for the fix.

10-16-2012, 10:13 AM
Yeah, so I'll need to fix that before I even replace the blower motor. I just did some searching and came across the same thing. Thanks for the links though. Looks like one thing leads to another again. Damn car.

10-16-2012, 10:18 AM
The car IS 12 years old and they do start to need alittle more the older they get especially as a daily driver get it fixed soon and check the BCM or you will have more prob and may not start or have other phantom problems

10-16-2012, 10:19 AM
I know its old, but lately its been one thing after another. Almost 2 grand within this year of maintenance. I plan on doing it tomorrow after noon. Any dealership should have that foam part correct?

10-16-2012, 10:22 AM
yeah or the equivalent I would call to make sure first thou If this is your only car

10-16-2012, 10:23 AM
Yeah, its currently my only car. Dealership isnt to far away though. I may go call right now. Thanks

10-16-2012, 10:43 AM
Did some calling around, turns out I cant get the part until early next week. Thats the earliest I found. :banghead so now I guess its just a waiting game.