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10-15-2012, 03:24 PM
Might be trading my '99 for a '96. Mine has a 3.4l and i had purchased an o2 simulator so i could remove my cat, but never got around the removing it. Will it work on a 3.1l as well? I dont remember the place i bought it from so i am hoping someone here can tell me if they are the same setup or whatever? Its just the plug that goes into the rear o2 sensor and tells if the cat is working effeciently or not.

the '96 belongs to my friend so i know the car decently. It has a CEL on but still runs pretty good. Wondering if the cat is clogged, so if the sim would work i could plug it in and see if it comes back. Just a thought, im getting it scanned soon anyways. But if i can use it on the '96 i may as well keep it lol