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10-16-2012, 02:35 PM
If its not to much I'd like to ask Aaron, Chaos, tipnitty, and whoever else that has HIDs in the black housed headlights if you can. Try to make it a decent enough picture that is closest to showing the actual output.

Not being paranoid, just curious. Would like to see multiple pictures which is the reason I'm asking multiple people.

Going to aim my headlights tonight and will get back once I actually have a judgement on the output to wether or not I'll get some HIDs. I just don't want to be btched at by HID elitist for blinding peeps.

EDIT: Found Aarons thread but still interested on seeing other peoples.

Also should I get the 9007/HB5 Hi/Lo beam from DDM or just the 9007/HB5 Low beam. Probably a retarded question but noticed some people never needed to use their high beams when they put HIDs in there headlights which is the reason I ask. And will I have to remove that "shroud" or whatever that thing is called.

10-16-2012, 05:25 PM
I totally would, but I just took off my black housing headlights and HID's last week to get a good sanding/restoring on them. Havent got to it yet though, sorry man.

10-16-2012, 08:16 PM
Would take pictures of the output now but pictures don't do sht for justice when trying to show output. I might end up not getting HIDs since the output is perfectly fine to me. I can see everything that I need to see.

Lets not forget this sacrifices the look of them. Now they look googly eyed and everything with the gap at the bottom of the headlight. Whatever, I guess I'll adapt/get used to it sooner or later. Just in times hands now because the rubber ring around my old stock headlights expanded itself so it covered the gaps. Just need heat and time to make these expand and then it will look fine, hopefully.

All I can say is fk GM next time I buy my own car. Tired of little things that bother me. I pay too much attention to little detail for little things to happen lol.

Here's a picture of my headlight for lulz since a camera can make halogens look like HIDs lol. Forgive the dirty headlamp. Hasn't been washed in a week since its been raining.