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11-29-2012, 12:50 PM
I am working on a friend's 2002 Grand Am with the 3.4 with 175K, and I am having trouble getting the car to start. When the car was initially towed to my house it started after about 10 minutes of hard cranking.

The car will crank but not turn over. I have tried the passlock relearn procedure and that didn't help. There are no engine codes and the security light or the SVS lights are not lit when I try to start the car.

I first started with a plug and wire change since it never had one done before, after that the car wouldn't start. I then had the ignition control module and coils checked, the module tested bad and the coils were throwing a weak spark so I replaced them as well. Still wouldn't start. I then checked the crank sensor on the side of the block and it had a high resistance value so I replaced that as well, still no start. I verified that I got spark from the coils and the module was receiving 12v. I also verified that all the spark plug wires were on the correct cylinder.

I tried to star the car with starting fluid and still no luck. I then did a low tech fuel pressure check by depressing the valve on the fuel rail test port. Gas just poured out with no pressure. I then changed the fuel filter and now have pressure at the test port. The fuel pump does hum when I turn the key on. I also checked the fuel pump relay by switching it around with the horn relay and all the fuses are intact.

As per the chilton manual I disconnected the MAP sensor and tried again, still no luck. Also with my code scanner's live monitoring feature I noticed that when I go to WOT the throttle position measurement reads 0%, the highest value I can get is around 95%, but no codes in the computer showing a bad TPS sensor.

I don't believe it's a compression issue because I did get the car to start. I am leading to believe it has something to do with the passlock or the computer.

I also noticed that the ignition lock cylinder and be hard to turn at first.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

11-29-2012, 07:05 PM
Whew... boy you got a problem on your hands...
Did it run before you did the plug/wire change?
Have you held the pedal down and cranked?
Did that get it running?