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12-18-2012, 09:11 PM
OK. The GA's been down for a bit since some time early November.

I floored it one night and I heard a "pop".

When I took it in to get the LIM gasket changed, the guy working on the car said that I needed to get a new plenum since nearly all the flanges where the UIM bolt down at have cracks in them.

A few days after the "pop", I drove about 130 miles from Columbus, GA to the house we had in Atlanta. During the drive, I had to push on the pedal more and more to get the car going. Like it wasn't gettign any compression.

Since I have the supercharger, I'm wondering what the chance is of something snapping in there? I know I hit the rev limiter on it when I floored it that night.

I have yet to do a good breakdown of everything.

As far as the S/C, can I bypass it and hook the MAF and all back up in stock mode, while still having the the accessory belt hooked up to the S/C?

I'm not even sure if I messed up the tranny.

Any help would be great, especially from my boosted brothers... ;crap

12-19-2012, 01:16 AM
Man wish I could help you out, but not having a boosted car (yet, hope to by spring) I wouldn't even know where to begin. Do you know where the pop came from? I mean, it could always be a fuel pump.. I remember driving my 7.3 when the fuel pump went out on it and I had to have the pedal on the floor, and was going a whopping 15mph ha. Prob not your issue, but I'd do some searching yourself (if you can) and see if you notice anything out of place

12-19-2012, 03:27 PM
Well, without having more information or being able to see it... I would say the S/C probably is not related to the problem. It sounds like something else with the engine. Even if there was a problem with the bypass valve on the S/C, it might drag a little bit at low throttle, but it wouldn't be much and as soon as you opened the throttle enough you'd have boost and plenty of torque.

If you are pressing the throttle down further and not getting more power, then something else is wrong. Either some kind of restriction somewhere, or maybe a gasket blown out or leaking. Like I said, really hard to say without tearing into it and doing an inspection.

I don't think you can leave the S/C in and bypass it with the belt still on it. You can put a stock belt back on and bypass the S/C pulley and it will run in N/A mode, but if you left the belt on the S/C would still spin. You'd have to take the elbow off the S/C outlet, take the TB off, and put it back on the UIM with the MAF and the rest of the intake. I don't think the TB will fit there with the S/C still in place though with the throttle cables and bracket on it. There's not a lot of room there. Besides, if you really thought there was a problem with the S/C it would be best not to keep spinning it. You'd just do more damage, and that can get costly.

01-30-2013, 09:04 AM
Any updates Matt ?

02-27-2013, 08:33 PM
Found out it was the cat. The said it was basically melted.. lol.

02-27-2013, 09:30 PM
Great glad it something simple !!! I saw your other post The girl still looks awesome !!