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02-01-2013, 08:50 AM
I haven't posted on this forum in like 5 years, and man have things changed. Got rid of my grand am a long while ago and bought a cobalt, got rid of that for a Honda, then a Scion, Now I got myself a Powerstroke. And man I was rather stupid when I was 16..haha man Have times changed, but still ended up purchasing another grand am, just because they always have treated me good.
But this one was for my Fiance..

Well we have a 2001 Grand Am SE(yes I know its a SE and this is a GT forum, just need some insight)
We've been having the security light problem, where it wont start for 10 minutes blah blah. But she went out to start it the other morning, started up she drove it to her moms and turned it off and went inside, came out approx. 15 minutes later, to have the car not start. Security light is OFF. Her dad comes and tries to get it to fire, spraying ether into the intake, nothing, turns over but will not fire. I get home from work and notice a puddle of oil about the size of a piece of bread per say(thought it was fuel at first, but I just put some diesel in a backhoe I was running and had the scent of fuel on my hand). Oil appeared fine last week(was low but no leaks, I topped it off) but it is due for an oil change (about 3500 miles on this one). Mind you its cold as **** out. The day this all happened it was wind chill of negative 25 out, regular temp of -7.

Another weird thing, one day her car was overheating(again cold as **** out) we parked it immediately, car was blowin cold air. there was a puddle of coolant on the ground. But when me and her dad looked at it, we couldn't find a single leak, only solution we could figure out was that it came from the over flow tank, I took the car later that same day and it ran fine..and doesn't leak at all.

Right now were both stumped, car wont fire now, security light problems, oil one week, coolant another.

any insight for a fellow old member?

02-01-2013, 09:32 AM
Member since 2005, been awhile.... 9 posts later. :lol:

02-01-2013, 09:42 AM
A 5th gen GA is the same no matter what trim. I don't care.

As for not turning over, spraying ether won't don't crap if there's no spark or fuel. Check the fuel psi at the fuel rail and check for spark from the wires and coil packs. Check the ignition module if there's no life in the wires or coils. When did it last get a proper tune up?

As for your heat issue, that's a no brainer: your thermostat is stuck shut. Change it and do a coolant flush.

02-01-2013, 10:29 AM
if it was stuck shut, wouldn't it constantly over heat..temps are normal now, just happened that one time.

and it cranks, just wont fire. But when spraying ether in the intake it wants to go start there is just nothing else feeding it besides the ether is what we came to get out of it, which brings us to a fuel related issue.
My first thought would be the fuel pressure aswell, but could be the battery as the battery had a low charge on it.

and as a tune up, we just bought the car used a bit ago. and was planning a tune up soon, but it was maintained well from the previous owner.

But as the puddle of oil(puddle was black)? any input?
just doesn't make sense, there wasn't a puddle at her moms, nor where the car sat for 10 hours. I didn't wanna spend to much time out of my bed, as I just got done running 20 hours in a backhoe thanks to wisconsins lovely weather.

As of now we have it inside a heated shed with a charger on it. gonna get all the snow and ice off it and go from there, just trying to get my head on straight so I know what im about to get into.

And yeah I didn't post much haha I read a lot, and slowly got into other vehicles as I got rid of mine.

02-01-2013, 10:35 AM
Sticky thermostat, only reason why you get no heat and the car overheats. Change it out and flush the system like I said.

You may think it's the fuel system but check the ignition system anyway, check it all at once while you're under there, you may even catch an issue that wasn't right in front of you.

As for the oil leak, way too many variables. Get the thing on a lift and start looking for wet spots on the oil pan, engine block or anywhere on the chassis.