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02-20-2013, 07:50 PM
Working on daughters 2003 grand am, you can start it up & at different times no other electrical item will work, car will run and drive but no power to instruments, blower motor or other item that would normally come on with key. I'm thinking that it is the ignition switch, I have checked grounds, relays in fuse box under hood and all other wiring possible. You can turn key off and on several times & it will hit on one of these "dead" times, the can will still start & run. It only does it on start up doesn't go dead while driving. If you take off driving while the other items are dead it will usually take off working after a short time. Looking in Haynes manual it shows diagram for continuity test, by the time that I get dash apart to do that I would probably go ahead and change switch.
Looking for suggestions or if this has happen to others

Thanks Hizkid