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03-16-2013, 09:57 PM
Alrighty, this car is giving me a headache. The "little" belt (alternator belt, accessory belt, etc.) decided to take a walk (come off). Had that replaced as well as the main belt tensioner, and now fuel is leaking from what appears to be the "hat" of the FPR. Great! I need the car to work tomorrow. It was "repaired" a few days ago, and I noticed the smell of gasoline so I popped the hood and there it was... gasoline leaking all over the alternator, so I'm not driving it anywhere for now.

Is there a little how-to that explains how to change this thing?

Also, do you think I have any chance of getting one from a local parts store? Like I said, I need it to work tomorrow. The leak isn't so bad that it doesn't run properly, but it's a drop every few seconds and it's above the alt so it's not going anywhere for now.

Any help (especially a part number) would be much appreciated. I tried looking around at some parts number lists (in PDF form) but most of the links were dead.


03-17-2013, 11:33 AM
Its a pretty simple repair
There is a torx screw thst holds it in the fuel rail Make sure when you replace it that you dont damage the o-rings

Any parts store should carry it And i know for a fact there is a Advance auto By the mall in Latrobe