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05-15-2013, 08:59 AM
I'm looking for a 99 Grand AM GT 3.4L engine wiring harness. I want the entire harness. Would prefer new but, if all else fails, used will do. Does anyone know where I can find one or at the very least the part # of the harness. I have searched Ebay and could only find harnesses for a 2.4 & Amazon but their search engine is nearly useless. Any help guys?

History: Before the 1st snow car was throwing P0302 & P0300 and was sputtering badly & would only run for a minute before dieing. Replaced 2 & swapped other injectors and the same with the coil packs. New cam sensor, ICM, plugs and wires. Snow fell & work stopped. Spring came & fuel pump was dead. Replaced fuel pump, cleared codes & started it up. Horrible sputter remained & only throwing P0300. Had local shop tow car to shop & they told me it was a "wiring problem" which translated to me as "it's electrical & we have no idea what it is = $170". I'm going to bring it back home. I will try replacing both Crank sensors & if that fails then a new engine wiring harness. Everything else is fine, I have proper compression, fuel pressure & spark it just sputters horribly. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.