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H.O. Driver
06-21-2013, 08:21 AM
I just helped a buddy on his 04 SE with an LA1 with headgaskets, before the headgasket change the motor wasn't knocking or making any strange noises. We got it back together and now it is making a really loud knocking noise. Not throwing any DTCs but there is a message on the scanner that said Fuel System OL when it stalled out. We put the stethescope on the heads/LIM/UIM and the knocking is quiet, we put it on the fuel rails and it is loud as hell. Any ideas?

I have disconnected the fuel injector fuse and it ran on carb cleaner and still made noise, so fuel system is functioning. We have double checked all the torque specs on the rocker arms and they are good, pushrods are in the right order and nothing bent, lifters are squirting oil and moving. They only thing I have noticed is that there is side to side play in the push rods even with being torqued properly. We are running out of ideas at this point, anything else to try?


H.O. Driver
06-21-2013, 04:06 PM
That is weird, we ran a bottle of sea foam through it and it is running great and just as quiet as it was before the head gaskets. Weirdest thing, it is throwing a code for the front 02 sensor so we stopped to pick one up and the guy at the part start said "it sounds like the lifters lost their prime if the sea foam fixed it" lol