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06-21-2013, 09:12 PM
I had a remanufactured AC compressor put in and as soon as it was charged with and turned on the compressor is making a humming noise and when you rev the engine it makes a knocking sound. As the Rev is going down it makes a single loud knock. I do realize we didn't turn the clutch 10-15 times before we turned it on the 1st time. Also, the freon was put in on low side as gas and some liquid. I have read everywhere ghat low should only have gas/vapor put in. Could that have screwed up my compressor? I already have a replacement and gonna make sure the clutch gets turned so it circulates the oil this time. Do not feel like doing a 3rd time. I have a 99 Grand Am GT. Bought it in February thinking only water pump was bad and nope. Have replaced head gaskets, had heads redone and they looked great, replaced ALOT of stuff and car is running good. Looking to put my sc/t hood on here within a couple weeks. My 1st post.

06-22-2013, 01:21 PM
You might just have received a bad remanufactured part. The only time I have some across knocking compressors has been when it was not properly aligned with the other belt accessories or seriously abused a/c systems. If you had no oil at all in the compressor there is a good chance that screwed it. How do you know what was gas and liquid when putting in freon? My rule of thumb when replacing compressor is to use bottled a/c oil, pour it down the inlet side, turn the clutch by hand until it comes out of the other side. Don't use the whole bottle, but I have a link below for the item, I dont remember what viscosity you need. Hope that helps.

07-19-2013, 12:06 AM
I had put oil in the compressor but I hadn't turned the clutch 10-15 times. It uses 150 pag oil. I know it was some gas and some liquid cuz the freon cylinder was turned gad side up at 1st then my buddy turned it over to put out liquid. He said has done all ac compressors like that without any problems. We got a replacement put in and working good. Blowing out cold but compressor makes more noise than I think it should. Guess I should have just bought new. Oh well.