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  1. pappas44
    06-13-2009 06:56 AM
    Hi angrysk8r!
    Nice job on the LIM and head gasket walkthrough! Though I did not see it till now and I'm about halfway through doing it. I was just wondering if you could add to your original post the reason for using new head bolts as per TSB 02-06-01-003B, 4/15/08 (Notice: This component uses torque-to-yield bolts. When servicing this component, do not re-use the bolts. New torque-to-yield bolts must be installed. Re-using used torque-to-yield bolts will not provide proper bolt torque and clamp load. Failure to install NEW torque-to-yield bolts may lead to engine damage).
    Basicly that means these bolts stretch. A new set is cheap at least in the U.S. at Advance Auto where I bought mine: Felpro Head Bolt Set Part No. ES74017 for $23.99. Anyway Thanks again for posting such an excellent walkthrough.

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