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Conversation Between sjones419 and GTsuper
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  1. GTsuper
    08-16-2008 04:33 PM
    so me mike and josh were talking after you left and came up with a possible name and some other rules aka guidlines. but also we thoght about all of use you me mike josh javin rich all go talk to dave at tas about chillin there. so gimme a call get back with me .
  2. GTsuper
    08-15-2008 07:09 PM
    yea i agree we need to look good and everyones car looks good so like i said just woring on small stuff. you going tonight call mendoza c if he wants to roll he said somthin about comeing out with us
  3. sjones419
    08-15-2008 06:57 PM
    okay cool... its not like im tryin to be a ass... but u know how people are and in order tobe taken seriously we got to lok good. and for the most part its to put pressure on current guys t get their **** lookin good and stay that way but also it stop trash from gettin i too. again for the most part it so we all look fly as hell when we all go somewhere.
  4. GTsuper
    08-15-2008 06:50 PM
    well sounds ok but 3 of us dont have rims at this time. im working on it mike has them also a body kit looks good. soo maby we can work on the terms together and figure out somthing b/c we are a small group at this time. i will most likely talk with you tonight call mendoza and rich meet us at ginos or give me a call 419 708 9388
  5. GTsuper
    08-13-2008 08:23 PM
    hey bro you going friday ps i think were gonna roll about 930 get back with me let me no
  6. GTsuper
    07-31-2008 05:02 PM
    were at in toledo u live

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