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Conversation Between bricooper78 and Stefalicious
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  1. bricooper78
    11-14-2011 11:34 PM
    hey little girl, you fall off the planet or what?
  2. Stefalicious
    08-31-2010 03:59 PM
    Wow thats great for her, she needs to help me out, I hate numbers. And tell her I said thank you much.
  3. bricooper78
    08-30-2010 08:29 PM
    well she's a banker, so she's kinda the numbers geek ***getting struck now*** and not exactly the funny one of the group!!! lmao she likes your car too, so that's probably a plus right
  4. Stefalicious
    08-30-2010 08:15 PM
    oooooooooooooooooooooooooo haha. Thats is funny. You dont talk to me THAAAAAATTTTT much, well maybe.
  5. bricooper78
    08-30-2010 07:46 PM
    I like the side skirts, it's just a little bit, honestly haven't looked for anything else. but i am a firm believer in "if you raise the top, lower the bottom"...kinda evening out "the stretch" i guess. idk, i'm just weird. taller hood, lower front end, just makes it look more symmetrical...kinda

    my cousin was over last night and i was showing him the pics of your trunk and amber says "oh yea that's his internet girlfriend" so for a split second my cousin thought i was a pimp ... but then he came back to reality!
  6. Stefalicious
    08-30-2010 07:34 PM
    SC/T FTL. :P What does she call me??
  7. bricooper78
    08-30-2010 07:07 PM
    THAT, muh uh..well i won't tell you what my gf calls you (it ain't bad and she's just not good at being funny ) you, my YOU........ is my plan! the sc/t lower trim as i like to refer to it, and maybe, maybe not the lip. i'm too damned indecisive.
  8. Stefalicious
    08-30-2010 11:10 AM
    . Oh come on. How many people have the SC/T lip, hood, and wing. :P Juss DO IT. haha
  9. bricooper78
    08-30-2010 07:26 AM
    you know how slammed i'll be for copying you now??? it's alright, they have no clue we're plotting against the whole site behind their backs *cue dastardly music* moooohahahahhaaaa!
  10. Stefalicious
    08-29-2010 10:09 PM
    THANK YOU. I cant believe it, I never thought id see the day that id have a thread with sooo many good comments. Not a bad one yet. . Your next. :P

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