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Conversation Between DrFabulous and felon_gt1
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  1. felon_gt1
    09-22-2008 03:16 PM
    Well it was a person from a local stereo shop plus down here in tucson,az that's part cost 120...he was prob just tryin to get money outta me...
  2. DrFabulous
    09-21-2008 12:23 PM
    Who told you that? You need the wiring kit that will connect it to the factory speaker cables, but you do not need the chime adapter.
  3. felon_gt1
    09-21-2008 08:09 AM
    Really that's all its for I was told that I need that part if im going to change my stereo..other wise my stuff would f up
  4. DrFabulous
    09-21-2008 07:11 AM
    I did not get the kit from metra to keep the chimes, as I find them annoying. Its like $80, and all it does is beep at you if you leave your keys in or leave your headlights on. Not worth it, in my opinion.
  5. felon_gt1
    09-21-2008 02:14 AM
    What's up bro a when u got ur stereo did u have to get that part for the chimes and stuff to keep workin correctly..?and where did u get it and for how much...p.s ur ride is sicc

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