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Conversation Between gilzgrandam00 and Rosado
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  1. Rosado
    08-12-2009 03:56 PM
    Yes but the video would only come on if the e brake is in the up postion. Take that green wire and ground it. look for the ground wire of the radio and ground it to the same spot. Now you would be able to watch it with out haveing the ebrake up. Also make sure that you are plugging to video out on the rcas.
  2. gilzgrandam00
    08-08-2009 05:46 PM
    Hey i think ur the only one that i know that does radio ok i have head rest monitors and have a jvc head unit that plays dvd,cd, etc.. and my only prob is that i can not get the video to work i looked at the radio manual and i have a light green wire that is says to splice to the brake cable wire if i do that would it work, my monitors are INNOVATEK 8in TFT LVD In-828 and i can not find a manual for them i think it has to do with the green wire let me know if u can help

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