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gmach3 08-05-2017 09:48 PM

Monsoon Radio Security question

Many moons have passed since I last posted a question about the 1st GM car ever with my name on the title. I'm still thrilled with the support this forum has for even the newbie GM guys like me. It's an 03 Grand Am SE2 my daughter was driving until last week, when she bought her grandmother's much lower mileage vehicle. She's just gotten keys for her first apartment as well. :(

So now I get to fix things I always wanted to fix, and I'm looking at replacing the backlight for the radio LCD panel next. I've found that it won't be hard with some careful soldering, and I already have the bulbs.

My question is this (I've looked and couldn't find info yet):
I know that GM put security on these radios so that if someone swipes it from me it won't (or at least shouldn't) work in another vehicle without intervention from a tech somewhere. What I'm wondering is if I remove this radio, make the repair, then put it back in the same car will it give me any grief? I'd hate to fix a 50 cent part and have it be a multi dollar security issue in the end.


The_Maniac 08-09-2017 07:10 PM

As long as you remove the radio and re-install in the same car, it's all good. A friend of mine did the repair you mentioned to my radio, there are some super tiny hex head screws. My fried had to use pliers.

If you swap a radio, it requires a GM TechII to take it out of theft lock. Dealers have them. You can also buy a knock-off for about $300-$500. A friend of mine bought a knock off a couple years ago, works great. I've borrowed it to unlock a few radios from eBay for my cars.

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