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gtsouth 02-15-2017 05:14 AM

Remove Heads?
I have my engine taken apart down to the heads. My question is should I remove the heads and check my head gaskets? I know some will tell me I might as well since I have it torn down so far. My question is because I have read in a few places that the head gaskets in our motors rarely ever go bad. It's mostly the LIM gaskets. I really don't want to struggle with getting the exhaust manifolds off and spending the extra money on head gaskets and new head bolts if it is not necessary. I would really appreciate some good input here. BTW.. my motor does have pretty high miles. 256,000. Thanks

O1GAGT 02-15-2017 07:01 AM

Ever heard of Murphy's Law?
If you do pull the heads you are going to want to make sure they are milled flat and check the valve seats and guides for wear.

Or go with the if it ain't broke don't fix it mindset and deal with it later if it breaks. With over 200,000 miles I would take this route personally. Then when something does go, find a lower mileage engine to swap in.

gtsouth 02-16-2017 04:37 AM

Just wondering if anybody knows if this is bad or normal.

The black ruff crap in the ports.

gtsouth 02-16-2017 04:47 AM

Do I need a new rocker arm if these two parts slide apart from each other? All of my other rockers the bottom piece stays on the bolt. Thank you.

AaronGTR 02-17-2017 10:50 AM

I would have done a compression and leak down check before disassembling the motor first to see if the head gaskets were good or not. This is auto diagnoses 101. It's too late now that everything is apart. I would not remove the heads if you don't know for sure they are bad. The head bolts have to be replaced when you do that, and they have to be torqued in a specific pattern and to torque plus degrees. If you don't have a good torque wrench that measures degrees, I'd leave it alone.

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