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Metallman56 03-31-2016 03:00 PM

Filter Mag Review
a filter mag is basically just what its name says. its a magnet that goes around your oil filter.

I purchased mine about 10 or so years ago, back in 04 or 05 if I remember right. anyways when i first got it I cut open my oil filter after my first oil change with it on. that was a mistake. I used a sawzall (about the only cutting tool I had back then, hell I was only 19 or 20) and that was a huge giant mess. a big enough mess that I didn't want to cut an oil filter open again. well fast forward to today, I wanted to see if the filter mag was still working. I do a filter change every 3 months, and oil and filter every 6 months. this oil was/is 3 months old, with probably about 1500-2000 miles on it.

this time I used and air grinder with a cutoff wheel. it took me about 30 seconds and made almost no mess. super easy, much faster/easier than last time. below is what I found.

yep its still working great. I defiantly think I got my moneys worth out of it. the last pic is me running my fingers through the oil on the inside of the filter case. my left finger is the oil on the side of the filter, my right finger went through where the filter mag was. it was very gross and very gritty.

for those of you who think, my drain plug has a magnet on the end of it that does that exact same thing, your totally right. except for the fact that I have that same magnetic drain plug, and look at what it missed.

you can get a filter mag for about anything, hell you can run 2 if you want. I'd just thought I'd share with you guys. its defiantly a good product. if you have any questions, let me know.

young gun 04-01-2016 09:45 AM

I'm not saying that it doesn't work but how much of that is from you cutting it open with the cut off wheel, you know?

sleepyalero 04-01-2016 10:03 AM


Metallman56 04-01-2016 01:11 PM

None of it, because when i cut open the filter, the filter mag was on the new filter, on the car.

sleepyalero 04-01-2016 01:32 PM

Well the filter consist of metal. And cutting it will create metal shavings. So none of that in there is from cutting?

geldartb 04-01-2016 03:14 PM

and here i am being a simple person by buying a magnetic drain plug.. the one i got for the grand am came off a 4cyl cavi.

but seriously looking at the pic of the inside of the filter some of those chunks look obnoxiously large like they came from cutting the filter open large.. if you got chunks floating around your engine like that then it's probably got issues.

blckgagt 04-02-2016 08:14 AM

Wow that's really neat. How much did it cost you?

Metallman56 04-02-2016 08:16 AM

Thanks randy back in the day it was $45 iirc. Not sure how much they are now

Metallman56 04-03-2016 02:01 PM

lets just say you guys are right, and those are shaving from opening it up. there is still black sludgy crap where the filter mag was, in the shape of the magnets. its definitely not hurting anything by being on the filter.

plastic_indian 04-03-2016 05:30 PM

Filter mags can reduce the risk of debris plugging a filter and forcing it into bypass before change interval. That does, however, look somewhat disconcerting. Metal, it might be a good time to pull a hot oil sample and send it to Blackstone Labs and see if Fe or Cu are elevated.

Metallman56 04-04-2016 05:09 AM

thanks plastic indian. this might sound arrogant, but its is not meant to. I would take you up on your advice under normal circumstances. but this car is an 01 with 163k-ish miles on it. if it blows up tomorrow, well its been a very good car, and I'm glad I got 12 years out of it. in other words, I just don't think its worth it. even if they do find a major problem with my oil, honestly I would probably just run it until it died anyways. well unless it was something simple and cheap. but it with my luck it wont be either.

below is a pic of other customers filters, just to show what its supposed to look like.

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