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C-Rell da kid 10-06-2009 02:53 PM

Chicagoland People.
Anyone around here have any experience changing struts. I no Mark at MPR does but i dont have the 300 to fork out right now plus an alignment cost. Im willing to pay if you help me i have a general idea of how to do it. Lemme no thanks.

XtremeGaGt00 10-06-2009 03:22 PM

what are you wanting to do, front and rear?..are they spring strut assmeblies or do you havta swap over springs..i can help..we can talk through pm about labor if youd like

Grandamgtblk99 10-06-2009 06:15 PM

He has lowering springs and new struts he wants put on.

DrFabulous 10-06-2009 09:47 PM

Honestly, its not that hard, just time consuming. I changed my first set when I was 17 with nothing but hand tools, a spring compressor, and lots of time/patience.

BOOTMASTER 10-08-2009 05:01 PM

i could help ya, but i don't have the necessary tools here.....

Lab Rat 10-09-2009 05:21 AM


C-Rell da kid 10-13-2009 02:11 PM

Craig i been meanin to call you but i work weekends and am usually off during the week thats why. Sorry man not that i was blowing you off or anything.

Bruce your in Zion? ive never seen you around. uhm im pretty sure i could rent the spring compressor and i have an air compressor at my grandmothers house lemme no.

BOOTMASTER 10-14-2009 09:03 AM

yeah, i don't live right in town, i'm off of 173 and green bay rd.... kinda west of town a bit... and yeah, willling to help ya, just get me and idea of when ya want to do it

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