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whiteGT99 07-31-2010 10:01 PM

D.U.B, Pioneer, or Sony Explode
As of right now i have Pioneer 4x6's in the doors, stock rear speakers, and in the trunk i have 2 12'' D.U.B powered by a 400 watt D.U.B amp

well i think my amp must have lost power or something.

the subs still rumble with very low bass but when i change the sw level on my HU it does absolutly nothing. they dont hit hard anymore.

I checked all wires, fuses and everything is good just not hitting hard anymore

so I am going to do a whole new audio set up so my question is what should i get

another set of D.U.B
a set of 10'' subs, and get some 6x9 for rear Pioneers
or a set of 4x6, 10'' subs, and 6x9 Sony Explodes

also thinking about getting a small amp to power the rear speakers

so any suggestiong are welcome

burgett2103 07-31-2010 10:06 PM

last thing to check, take sub out of box and make sure connections from sub to the connector inside the box are intact.

germaphobicmonk 07-31-2010 10:12 PM

If you replace your rear stocks, you'll lose that bass unless you find similar three ways. I just left mine in.

I ripped out all of the speaker wiring and replaced it with raptor wiring. My front's are two Polk 4x6's and I've got a 500 Watt Kenwood Amp that's powering a 12'' Kenwood, I've since replaced it with a RF, but I can't really tell a difference.

So if it were me, I would suggest to you to get new fronts, and not worry about replacing the rears and powering them with a seperate amp. I would also get the two 10" subs. Just make sure you get a decent brand. I hate Sony and Pioneer. And for the love of God, don't buy a roadmaster or any other Wal-Mart brand. :icyhot:

Just my opinion, what I would do. :)

whiteGT99 07-31-2010 10:54 PM


Originally Posted by burgett2103 (Post 1133330)
last thing to check, take sub out of box and make sure connections from sub to the connector inside the box are intact.

took both out and both have good connections

whiteGT99 08-04-2010 12:42 PM


Jmoney3318 08-04-2010 01:07 PM

why not try a bigger amp, 400 watts for 2 12" subs seems low to me

Jmoney3318 08-04-2010 01:09 PM

as far as replace the rears with new one and getting a small amp, i think this is dumb just get a 4 channel and get new 6x9s and power all four of them puppies, you can tweak them much better than with the HU

remiljr 08-04-2010 01:36 PM

Seems like your bass needs some immediate attention. spend some loot and be prepared to start breaking interior parts. use the dubs as a refrigerator magnet to get your moneys worth. and down the road u way be able to use the amp for your rears? sorry for cell phone post. cant really see the quarters flex like they are.

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