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RockstarCoupe99 03-15-2011 11:32 PM

Question for toughe sound.
So i have a 99 Grand Am GT. i want it to sound a lil more "tough" i guess. but i dont feel spending an arm and a leg on it. i will for quality but i want more of a quick cheap ish way to do it. i am having a friendly race with my friend to get the list we have for our cars to get done 1st. but with quality, not crap. our lists are similar according to taste. any suggestions on how to get my sound?

my list in case someone is wondering:
Tint windows
Tint tails-next weekend
LEDs inside *the LEDs will be done according to what i get done
LEDs outside on friday...I.E. outside friday the inside will be done after, vis versa*
Black Rims
Debadge-2maro or thurs
-CAI eventually??

Trevor865 03-16-2011 09:09 AM

I would get some pacesetter headers ,high flow cat and flowmaster 80 series, sounds like a good setup to me, with a total of about 550 or 600 all together not including shipping and what not.

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