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diddyloveskitty 05-07-2012 06:30 PM

Help me please!
Okay, so heres my issue. Saturday morning my car was running fine. 2000 grand am gt. i went to the city with someone for the day. when i got home late saturday i went to go out. started my car...and it died. started it again thinking nothing...died again. I waited a bit and same thing. So since then nothing has changed. I am losing my mind. The car starts fine everytime. but dies within a few seconds..or if i hit the dies instantly.

Leading up to this happening..i hit a bump and my abs light, service vehicle soon, and traction off lights came on. but the car ran fine for a week after that happened. early friday i installed a new cd player..JVC, and the car ran fine all day friday and saturday morning.. it also rained for those two days. I have no idea. I found something about the passlock cutting the yellow wire, which i did. and its still the same thing...the fuel pump kicks everytime. i can hear it like other lights are on. any ideas to save me from taking it to get it on the computer?? please... im so frustrated..

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