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customgagt94 08-06-2012 12:57 PM

Selling a e d wing and tce tb
Contact me at 618-978-4338Hey everyone I haven't been on for a long Time. But I am selling parts off my 94 ga. Gt.
1. 65 mm tb tce motorsports-250 shipped obo
2. Msd coils and mad wires-100 shipped
3. Fiberglass hood still painted 300 plus shipping
4. A E D wing for 96-98. It does fit on 92-95 but with small gap on bottom. 500 plus ship obo.
5. AAs body kit. Front rear n side skirts. 350 plus shipping.

I have more item on car. But need items sold as fast as possible. I can ship most items out next day. Do not message on this call or txt me ASAP 618 978 4338. Thanks everyone. I can send pics once u contact me n phone

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