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Okay!! I've got a 2000 Alero 2 door 2.4L completely parted out all parts sitting in my basement!! I know some parts interchange so I’m posting everywhere. I’m located in Rockford, IL heres a list of some of what I have if you need it. Otherwise email me or PM me I probably have it!! Everything is + shipping but I ship FEDEX, UPS, USPS and GREYHOUND to get you best price!! Everything that requires an electrical connecter has the pigtail!!! I can show you pics if you want or just ask questions, email me if you want pics.

-EBCM (ABS Computer) - $20 with wires
-Under hood Fuse box $30 (has all wires running from it and all fuses + relays that are good and cover)
-Driver side fuse box -$25 (has cover + Wires + relays +fuses)
-Pass Side fuse box - $25 (has cover + Wires + relays + fuses)
-Coolant Reservoir - $15 (includes cap + low coolant sensor with pigtail)
-Fuel Injector Connectors - $5 for the set (4 of them)
-Battery Tray - $10 (includes hold down, with bolt + mounting bolts)
-A/C lines - $40 - (both high and low lines with mount to firewall)
-A/C Receiver/Dryer - $25
-Driver side Exterior door handle - $10 (black + includes housing)
-Pass side Exterior door handle - $10 (black + includes housing)
-Driver side interior door handle - $5 (grey)
-Pass side interior door handle - $5 (grey)
-Intake Manifold (LD9 series, no EGR) - $20 (with bolts/nuts and used gasket)
-Throttle Body - $30 (includes 4 bolts, cable bracket, all sensors, used gasket)
-Center 3rd brake light in trunk - $10 (has Pigtail)
-Regular Rearview Mirror - $5 (no lights etc.. just the little dimmer flipper)
-4 steel wheels with tires - $100 (front 2 = 50% Rear 2 = 90% tread, great in snow)
-4T40E Transmission - $250 (120k miles rebuilt 100ish shifts perfect, includes Firewall mount and driver side mount, also includes torque converter)
-Glove box - Complete - $25 (has screws)
-Wiper motor assy. - $35 (has motor assy, wiper arms, wipers, with nuts and covers and sprayer nozzles with sprayer tubing)
-Both half Axles Dr. And Pass - $30 Each both for $50
-2 AC-Delco NICE 6x9's - $25 pair
-Dimmer Switch Assy. with vent - $10 (includes Pigtail)
-Pass and Driver Door lock Actuators with latches - $20 (comes with bolts)
-Turn signal/Cruise/Wiper control assy. - $25
-Pass & Driver power window motors - $25 each both for $40 (has pigtail and bolts)
-Horns - $10 (includes pigtails, both horns, and mount with bolt)
-Pass side mount that connects motor to transmission/trans axle with bolts - $5
-Pass side motor mount complete! - $30 (includes entire mount assembly, with bolts that connect aluminum plate to motor, and bolts that connect mount to plate)
-BOTH power steering lines all the way back to the gearbox - $15
-BOTH fuel lines, still connected to fuel rail with regulator, rail, and all 4 injectors - $65
-LD9 Exhaust Manifold HEAT SHEILD - $8

Parts from the 97 2.4 GA so far…

-Alternator - $40
-Balancer pully with bolt and washer - $15
-Timing Cover housing - $50(Includes front and rear covers with all bolts and reuseable gaskets)
-Starter -$25
-Ask for parts from the motor!!! head, cam towers, sensers, crank, all good had a cracked block, if you want parts i will disassemble otherwise if someone is close by they can take entire motor except top cover for $100

I’m sure I missed some stuff so ask questions. Multiple Item Discounts!! Also my friend has the complete interior, center console, seats, seat belts, all trim panels and both dr. and pass door glass if you need that contact info PM me. Everything is OBO, don’t lowball me though I'm already cheap on it all!!! More motor parts to come from a 97 grand am SE once motor swap is complete!!! Feel free to email me at or PM me!!!!

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