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D1GP Roadstar Car show! Aug 1st, Presented by!!

Hey guys, I'm excited to present the D1GP Roadstar car show presented by

To get the $5 off just type in GAGT when you register

Preregistration is $40 for GAGT members and with that you get 2 passes (normally $35 each). So its actually cheaper to enter your car in the show than it would be to get 2 tickets to watch the event.

Here is a link to the D1GP Classes and Prize money!

From the Original Creators of HIN, comes the ROADSTAR Car Show. Happening
at Rd.3 in Chicago, competitors will compete against each other to see
who's ride truly is the best in the industry!

Done in conjunction with the F4 Challenge (formerly known as the NCCA)
every element of the competition cars will be scrutinized to the highest


See Competition Categories Below:

ROADSTAR : F4Challenge Competition Divisions

Chase Awards

Novice Division award Plaques 1 for every 8 cars entered
Diamond Award Plaque 1 per event no entry minimums

Amateur Division award plaques 1 for every 8 cars entered
Diamond Award Plaque 1 per event no entry minimums

Experienced Division award Plaques 1 for every 8 cars entered
Diamond Award Plaque 1 per event no entry minimums

Club / Team Award Plaques 1 for every 3 teams (5
vehicle team minimum)
Diamond Team Plaque 1 per event no entry minimums

ROADSTAR Show Classes

Vehicle Make Competition:

Japanese Import
Hottest Performance Based Acura
Hottest Performance Based Honda
Hottest Performance Based Nissan
Hottest Performance Based Infinity
Hottest Performance Based Mitsubishi
Hottest Performance Based Toyota
Hottest Performance Based Scion
Hottest Performance Based Lexus
Hottest Performance Based Subaru
Hottest Performance Based Mazda
Hottest Performance Based Other (Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo)

European Import
Hottest Performance Based Audi
Hottest Performance Based BMW
Hottest Performance Based Volkswagen
Hottest Performance Based Mercedes
Hottest Performance Based European Other (Saab, Volvo)

Hottest Performance Based Dodge
Hottest Performance Based General Motors
Hottest Performance Based Ford

Hottest SUV
Hottest Truck
Hottest Classics (Pre 1986)
All Show 1-5

Performance Awards:
Outstanding JDM Theme 1-3 $100.00
Outstanding EDM Theme 1-3 $100.00
Outstanding Drift Theme 1-3 $100.00
Outstanding All Motor Visual $100.00
Outstanding Turbo Motor Visual $100.00
Outstanding Supercharged Motor Visual $100.00

Club/Team Awards:
Hottest Club / Team Participation $200.00
Hottest Club / Team Overall $300.00

Best of Show:
D1GP All Show Champ $250.00
D1GP All Performance Champ $750.00

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