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HID's Randomly Stopped Working

Today my HID's decided to just stop working. I've had them installed for about a month. The first thing I checked when I noticed they were off was to check my headlight fuse and it was blown so i changed it, but still lights are set up with a relay harness and this type of relay only uses the right original headlight plug (thats the fuse that was popped)

anyone have any suggestions?

the HID's are in first gen projectors and the high beams are still working, so thats how I know that the problem is in my HID's an unrelated problems, my LED's and Halo Ring's on one of my headlights stopped working ...first it was just one halo and the three side LED's but not its both halos and the three side LED's ...i checked the connections and they seemed fine ...could it be that the LED's themselves are messed up and need replacing?

help meeee please people
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