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Angry Stuck O2 Sensor...

It's one of the parts where you can actually reach it. (The code was for the top O2 sensor.) So I figured it was an ok DIY jobber. Even got the right socket, and with a short extension there's just barely enough room near the firewall to put some torque on it, but it's manageable.

The problem is that is stuck. It seems most places say to heat it up, but I don't have a blow-torch and driving it to get it hot didn't help too much either. Any other tricks particular to the LA1 V6 for breaking those things loose? All I've suceeded in doing was rocking the car back and forth.

Since I have a short amount of time (emissions check coming up), I think I may have to resign and go to the shop. Hopefully it'll just be labor, because I did get the correct replacement. Just sucks that it's this close to being done, and the thing won't budge.
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