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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
10 years... man I can't believe it's been that long. And I've been around for a lot of it. I joined shortly after I bought my GA back in june of 2000. It's funny, I was searching around for grand am stuff and found, then found a*d central and after a not so warm welcome started looking for other forums. Found this site and never looked back. First mods where a K&N filter in the stock air box and SLP cat back. 2 1/2 years into ownership I had seen the magnacharger kit and heard it was being discontinued and jumped in head first.... and it all snowballed from there.

I must say it's been quite a ride, and the community has changed a lot over the years, as have I. I went from a kid who didn't know anything, to a kid who thought he knew everything, to a slightly older kid who knows a lot about GA's but enough to know he doesn't know everything. I got in plenty of flame wars back in my day though and got banned a few times as well. I gotta laugh when I go back and look at some of my posts, even from like 4 years ago.

I do kinda miss the old GAP days. I wish there were more events where GA owners could get together, but it doesn't seem people are as serious about the platform anymore or have the time/money to travel to meets half way across the country. Since the car is getting older too the average age of the owners has dropped. Despite that, the performance level has continued to rise, but the investment and development has been slow, and the number of "extreme" builds are few and far apart in distance.

It has been one hell of a time though and I really would have missed this place if it was gone! Definitely gotta say thanks to Jeremy and Ryan for all the time, work, and money they've put in over the years to keep this place going! Hopefully it says around for a long time to come.

PS. I still think the funniest thing I've ever heard related to this site was at GAP '03. Bob walks into Jeremy's room and says "hi, I'm Bob... Amraam." and Jeremy says " I don't know if I want to punch you or shake your hand!"

PPS. It was also at GAP '03 that SPAZ, Jaketuff, and I caravanned back from the track to the hotel... three MC blown GA's cutting through traffic while talking on the walkie's... I don't think such a "gathering of the greats" has happened since or ever will again.
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