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Originally Posted by AMRAAM4 View Post
I really hate to burst your bubble....but you don't do anything to me. If I choose to respond to you I do it because I need to entertain myself and have the time. And my responses are generally based around the notion I think you are a delusional fruitcake who talks out of his ass. "AJ at" hardly pops into my mind at all at any other point in my life outside this forum.
Sooo what you're saying is that..on this forum I do "pop into [your] mind"?

Bob, I made that comment as a complete joke, nothing about it was serious..yet look at the wonderful response you graced us with.

Originally Posted by geldartb View Post
go make your own mcflurry you mcfagget
Originally Posted by [ChaosweaveR] View Post
Why do you keep thinking I'm some right wing faggot?
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