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Squealing belt after replacement.

Since the cold weather has moved in (35 degree highs), I now have a squealing belt on my car. I replaced the belt and the new belt is still squealing sometimes. I have a 4 cylinder grand am so the belt change wasn't as involved as the 6 cylinder.

Anyway, I was wondering how I could diagnose what was causing the belt to squeal. I have done a couple steps myself to try to pinpoint the problem.

1) The belt squeals worst of the mornings.
2) The belt only squeals at low RPMs.
3) After replacing the belt, sometimes the squeal is worse and sometimes it is not there.
4) If not squealing, I can turn on multiple accessories and the squealing comes back and goes away again at higher RPMs.

I have a feeling it has to do with either the alternator of battery, both of which have been on the car since I've owned it (5 years). I have a voltmeter, is there any way to test the alternator without having to take it off, or that battery for that matter? Thanks for the help!
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