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AaronGTR has made plenty of valid pointsAaronGTR has made plenty of valid points
Originally Posted by Rb737 View Post
the car has 86k miles on it and the 02 sensors have never been changed, how can i test those?
There's not an easy way to test them. If you had a scanner and a wideband O2 sensor you could compare the narrow band activity to what the wideband is reading. Usually though you can't tell they are bad until the switching gets slow enough that the computer sets a code, or if you replace the sensor and see an improvement. They usually recommend replacing the sensors at least by 100k miles, so I'd say you are close enough to the change point that they might be starting to go. New sensors can improve your gas mileage and idle too, so it might be worth doing. It's your choice.

Originally Posted by Rb737 View Post
also, when i turn my wheel all the way to the right or left when in park, my rpm drops about 150rpm to about 500 and then jumps back up to 650 and bobbles a that a sign of a bad iac valve? or maybe a dieing alternator?
Sounds like typical drag from the power steering pump. When you lock out the wheel left or right and are still trying to turn the steering wheel, it puts a lot of extra load on the pump and can slow down the engine.
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