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Exclamation HID's and DRL's Questions.

Hello all,

So I have a 2001 Grand Am GT Coupe and I am thinking about installing a HID Conversion Kit. Depending how how big of a pain in the butt it is going to be will depend on whether I am going to use my factory enclosures ( boo ) or my Anzo Projector w/ Halo head lights.

So I have been reading all over to just disable to DRL's because it fries the HID Ballast. I get that - though the question is why? Do the grand am DRL circuits simply give out a lower voltage than 12v when the DRL's are on? Or is it something that I read on a Mazda forum that all DRL's do which is that the DRL circuit sends out a 12v+ current like this - - - - - - - - which is pulsed - causing the filament in standard halogen bulbs to only get half as bright as normal instead of 12v+ ------------ or even 6v+ -------------. Since it is pulsed it causes the relay in the ballast to go on and off like nuts and usually results in the HID's flickering because they are going on and off so fast.

I just want to know which, because that same Mazda forum gave an interesting fix to turn the 12v+ - - - - - - - into 12v+ ------------- by adding a capacitor to the DRL circuit on each head lamp before the ballast so that way the pulse goes into the capacitor but it stores enough juice that when the ballast pulls the power back out it can pull it at a constant rate - thus preventing the ballast from frying. But if that is just a Mazda thing - or just not a Pontiac thing, which is what I am trying to figure out, that would determine whether I am able to keep my DRL's ( as I kinda like having them there ) and get HID's.

And on a side note I will also explain how my current after market lights are set up since I don't know if they all operate the same or not.

The original headlights, as we know, had on 9007 hi/lo bulb. the new head lights have two bulbs in each. One Phillips H9 65W and one Sylvania OSRAM H3 55W bulb. The H3 is the lo and the H9 is the hi, but both come on dimmed with the DRL's are on. Then when the head lights are on the H3's go brighter and the H9's turn off. When I switch to my hi's the H3's turn off completely and the H9's then turn on.

So how I hypothesize it to work with HID's is I would leave the H9 as it is and just get ballasts for the H3 ( as I hear H9 is non existent/hard to find ) and either disable the DRL's - leaving only the H3 HID's to go on when the head lights are turned on lo and the H9's to go on when on hi leaving their opposites off.
capping the DRL's if possible leaving the H9's the way they are turning on dimmed with the DRL's and the HID's turning on at full power. Then when the head lights turn on lo the H9's power off and the HID's stay as is, and when the hi's are turned on the HID's would power off and the H9's power on.

So .... yeah any information on my above book would be appreciated so I can figure out the best and easiest way to go about things as I really want to make the jump to HID's.

~ Kyle
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