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not this alero
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I'll just repost this stuff from Aleromod, the tune I used last year, most of it is current. With your turbo setup, I would limit timing to 15 degrees at WOT to start out with, for safety:

I got more power when I went from 15 to 18 degrees at WOT (11-13 psi), but there were some days in the Summer when running in the heat, the PCM pulled it back a degree or two. I'll see if I can get a screenshot of the timing table I used.

Edit: I hope this is readable, here are the latest High and Low Octane Main spark tables I used. It's a bit aggressive, not holding anything back going for low E.T.

This is the scan graph of my best (E.T.) run :

The cursor line is set just before it hit third gear. I prefer that method of displaying data. You can easily see everything that went on during the run. There was 1.4 degrees of KR seen at the beginning of third gear.

This is the Table/Histogam/Gauge display. The interesting thing here is that the IAT temp (measured at intake manifold) was 88 degrees F. at that point, but out of the supercharger it reaches well over 200 degrees.

Note how quickly the Cylinder Airmass maximum scale reading of 0.92 is reached, exceeding the capability of the stock PCM, at about 10-12 psi boost. This could be potential trouble for a turbo or centrifugal SC setup running high boost. Suppose the actual grams/cylinder is 1.04, or 1.16........does the PCM only read and respond to the timing set at 0.92? If so, a lower timing than needed at that value must be used to allow for safety in the unscanned range above it.
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