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Originally Posted by eckoxl View Post
let me start out by saying i am brand new to tuning and have really no knowledge on what i am doing. therefore i am looking for some direction and help on properly tuning my car.

i have a brand new engine with the following:
GT32R Turbo
36lbs Injectors

i know i need to tune the following:
EGR delete
Change Injector value

Basically I just want to get this engine running right with what it has. Any help & direction is appreciated.
My suggestion, as a person thats been in the turbo car industry for many a year, get the thing idling well then take it to a professional tuner. It sounds like you have a decent amount of coin wrapped up in this build. i would not try tuning this yourself if you are very green when it comes to tuning. i would hate to see you blow up a motor when you could have spent a few hundred dollars and a day on a dyno to get a really good tune. I am in dayton ohio (about 5-6 hours from Chi town) and have a very knowledgeable tuner i work with that charges very fair rates and uses one of the best dynos (DynoDynamics) for tuning.(No its not MilzyMotorsports... rather a old partner of mine that has tuned dozens of 400+hp turbo cars.) This type of tuning isnt just turning on and off things and adjusting a few fuel trims and values. you are going to be needing extensive AFR and timing adjustments, and knowing what to change and where to change is very crucial. Sure you can do it yourself and you might not blow the thing up , but you wont be getting your setups full potential.
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