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Originally Posted by stewartfn18 View Post
they may specialize in it, but pretty much tuning is tuning. if you really want to go that route, talk to modern muscle in oswego. theyre on kendall pt dr. i talked to them right after i got my motor built and they said that they would do it. btw they use hp tuners. but tuning once you get the hang of it is really not that hard. just time consuming. its alot of trial and error
He is correct, a good tuner should be able to tune any engine, now getting used to all the diff tuning software is where alot of tuners will shy away from doing multiple diff makes because knowing 20 diff tuning software setups is overwhelming. You want to look for tuners that specialize in turbo or SC cars. NA tuners that have never touched a turbo car might not give you the best tune. ill check with the IL guys and see who all i know out there. what is your zipcode?
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