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Originally Posted by lvemy3100 View Post
first off who are you to question me when every post I have seen from you is you either bashing, talking ish or questioning people? also if you weren't trying to bash you wouldn't have mentioned it

In any case I have tuned more Nbodies than I care to count and at least 14 of them were turbo and another 5 were supercharged.

I also daily drive a turbo 3400 powered Alero.

I find it funny how a guy with the name SLOW 240SX is on a grand am site questioning site sponsors and telling people how to do things... much???
my name is Jon, i have quite a resume... i dont own a GM FWD or 3400 car. I used to own a 240 before it was stolen and now im rebuilding another one. I build mainly Drift cars. I have been putting together turbo cars since 2002-2003 for fun. I have been in business since Jan 2005 as a turbo kit / car builder. I own a fabrication shop we build any thing and everything when it comes to cars. while i do not know much as a tuner i do employee a very good and knowledgeable one. he does all my tuning here at my shop as well as alot of electrical development and harness work.

i wasn't meaning to bash, i was asking out of curiosity. and i have hardly talked ****. I am feeling out this community and seeing who is who, and who knows what. i like to ask questions its how one can learn, and also how others can learn when maybe they did know there was a question they wanted to ask yet. I ask that of all tuners i come across i like to know the expertise of the people who are in the industry. I do not get offended when someone questions my fabrication work or if i have done certain things like chassis builds. Thats how a customer can learn about your skill set as well as another industry person can learn about a skill set. when i walk into another shop i always ask those types of questions, its a common ground to build conversations off of. i knew you would take it as a bash thats why i said i wasnt, because honestly i wanted to know if you have had much experience as a turbo tuner its a little different then NA tuning.
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