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D.U.B, Pioneer, or Sony Explode

As of right now i have Pioneer 4x6's in the doors, stock rear speakers, and in the trunk i have 2 12'' D.U.B powered by a 400 watt D.U.B amp

well i think my amp must have lost power or something.

the subs still rumble with very low bass but when i change the sw level on my HU it does absolutly nothing. they dont hit hard anymore.

I checked all wires, fuses and everything is good just not hitting hard anymore

so I am going to do a whole new audio set up so my question is what should i get

another set of D.U.B
a set of 10'' subs, and get some 6x9 for rear Pioneers
or a set of 4x6, 10'' subs, and 6x9 Sony Explodes

also thinking about getting a small amp to power the rear speakers

so any suggestiong are welcome
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