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LIM gasket with 3500 head upgrade

I have the classic LIM leak with oil in the coolant at 112k on my 2004. What started out as a repair has turned into a 3400 with 3500 top end upgrade. I have a few questions though:
1. Since the heads/manifolds are going to be off I am considering headers. Will they work with the stock exhaust? Would it be worth it to do since it will be torn down or will the stock exhaust rob any power gains?
2. Do I need to reprogram my PCM with 3500 heads? Where to/how to do this/cost? (Been a pre-60ís car guy for years so minimal PCM/OBD experience.)
3. Below is what I am looking at for parts, does it look like I missing anything?
Coolant temp sensor G6 (AC Delco)
Temp extender (WOT)
Fender well CAI
65mm TB (?WOT?)
3400 block
3400 head gasket (Fel-Pro)
3500 heads (WOT)
New head bolts (Fel-Pro)
3500 LIM gasket (Fel-Pro)
3500 LIM ported (WOT)
3400 UIM gasket (Fel-pro)
3400 UIM ported (WOT)
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (Fel-pro)
Exhaust manifold bolts (Fel-Pro)
Thermostat w/ new thermostat o-ring (Stant SuperStat)
Radiator/Heater/TB hoses (Gates)
Waterpump (Cardine severe duty)
12 fuel injector o-rings (Fel-Pro)
Thread Sealant
RTV sealant
EGR gaskets
?3400 Valve cover gaskets? (Fel-Pro)
New hose clamps to replace the old ones
6 liters of Dexcool antifreeze
5 liters oil
Vertical oil filter adapter (GM 12578893)
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