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The S/C off of the 3800 will not work. The best one that was made for our GA's was the Eaton Magnacharger M62 one which is no longer in production. There's less than 20 floating around in the community but every once in a while one of those will pop up for sale.

Your other options are:
RSM Vortec supercharger which has many design flaws that if you search for it you will find a list of flaws and possible fixes for it.

Custom turbo setup would be your other option which would be more reliable then the RSM S/C after it's setup and tuned correctly, but you would have to find someone in your area that could build it for you. Unless you manage to find a used setup from a fellow member on here.
DO NOT buy a turbo setup for your GA off of EBAY and assume it will bolt right up with out major fabrication and problems!!!

I will also add.....Do some research in this section and you will find a lot of answers to your questions:
CARDOMAIN Not updated in forever!!!


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