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My car seems to do the same thing. Is it causing a SVS light, b/c mine does? And the weird thing is that my SVS light doesn't come on all the time, just seems to be during the day. Mine straightened out a little after a tune up, I just have to still change the fuel filter. I have seafoamed the hell out of my car and every oil change I run a bottle of Lucas fuel treatment through it and it seems to help, but still cant figure out the rough idle when the car is first started. It may have something to do with my remote start though, that's the only time I notice it. But it seems to clear out when I idle it up some, so who knows. I hope changing the filter solves some of the problems. My car is a 00 with about 127,000 kilometers(so roughly about 76k miles.) It was lugging real hard when going up hills and stuff at around 2k rpm's but the tune up seemed to fix that problem. Now if I can figure out the rest and get my gas mileage back, I might keep the car...

Don't mean to jack your thread but I figured instead of starting a new one, I would post it in here since you have similar issues and maybe I can get some good answers from some of these guys in here.
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