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Problem with Starting

I have a 2000 GAGT and when its cold or first start in the morning it fires right up. But when its warmed up after driving for a few miles and shut it off for like 10 min or more its hard starting. Cranks over for like 7 sec or so and will start sometimes it will die and make a exhale noise thru my CA intake. But if i tap the gas when its started its fine rpms will go up and down and will settle out to about 900 rpms or so. There have been times where i smell gas but it goes away. I was told it could be a bad cell in my battery. And thats another problem my batt goes dead if it sits for a week or so. I have aftermarket stereo and amp but my amp is not on when car is off my remote wire is fine even put a toggle switch to it and it still dies.I do have a .5 f arid Cap on for my amp I have no clue what the problem could be. Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks
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